Learn about soldering and electronics

Buy our simple electronic boards or kits and learn soldering, electronics and amateur radio. Our PCBs and kits are aimed at radio amateur as training aids and people who want to learn some practical electronics.


Lamp board

This board was created for use as part of the RCE Amateur Radio intermediate course (Syllabus 2019 V1.3) practical exercises (ref 10b2 and 10b3) in which the first practical is a soldering and circuit build exercise.

Software Downloads

To use code, download as a Word file and cut code and paste it into a new sketch in Arduino IDE

Arduino sketch code for ARD070 Morse Tutor as featured in November 2017 issue of Practical Wireless
Arduino sketch code for ARD071 Morse Code Reader as featured in March 2018 issue of Practical Wireless

The board introduces students to soldering, simple DC circuits, LEDs and DC voltage and current measurements. The exercise demonstrates the lighting of LEDs in series and parallel circuits. Using a PCB improves on the original breadboard method of building this exercise and gives students a realistic introduction to electronic construction and an end product they can be proud of.

The board is 65 mm x 55 mm and is single sided.

We can supply the board or a kit.

The kit comprises resistors, a switch, red LEDs, a battery clip for a PP3 9V battery, pcb pins and hook-up wire. You need to supply your own batteries.

Prices (including postage and packing)

Boards are £2-50 each.

Kits are £5-00 each.

Board details: All our boards are made at a professional PCB manufacturer. They comprise 1.2mm thick fibreglass, they are double sided with through plated holes, exposed copper is tinned and component markings are provided.

Postage: Is 2nd class signed for.

Payment acceptable by cheque, bank to bank transfer, paypal and cash.

Making and selling boards is a hobby for us out of an interest in Amateur Radio and Electronics. We try to keep our prices  reasonable. If anyone has a project they think would benefit from being kitted-up, with a nice PCB, please get in contact with us.


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